SliabhgCua G.A.A. club was founded.


The majority of the games played in the 1930’s were played in Mickey Hickey’s field down in Shanawalla.


The following piece comes from March 1931 and detailed a Junior Football Championship match between Stradbally and Touraneena.

“G.A.A. Stradbally V Touraneena In the opening minutes Stradbally were dangerous, but a strong defence held the line. Both teams were now getting into their stride, and the leather was kept moving at a fast pace. After fifteen minutes Stradbally opened the scoring with a point. Touraneena pressed from the delivery, and were awarded a free but drove wide. Stradbally after a fine passing bout brought play into their opponents half, and a ‘fifty’ resulted. The free was well directed, but Touraneena effected a good save, and play quickly changed to the other end, where Touraneena raised the green flag. Before the interval Stradbally lost a good chance of goaling, when one of their forwards let the ball fall outside and no one but the goalie to beat. The short whistle left Touraneena leading by one goal to one point.”

Vigorous play marked the opening of the second moiety, both sides attacking in turn. A free to Stradbally looked promising, but Touraneena backs made a good clearance. The play was now of a give and take nature, Stradbally having a slight advantage of the exchanges. A free after ten minutes Stradbally registered a goal and took the lead, which, however, was short lived, for a lightening raid by Touraneena resulting in a point made the teams level. Three successive “fifties” to Stradbally were held off, and the final whistle went leaving the match a draw on the score:- Stradbally 1 goal, 1 point, Touraneena 1 goal, 1 point.

Mr. S. Hayes refereed.


In 1934 Sliabh gCua played Tallow in the Junior football championship in Lismore.


This was the first major break through for the club as Sliabh gCua contested their first ever county final. St. Stephen’s were the opponents for the football final in which St. Stephens defeated Sliabh gCua.


History was made as Sliabh gCua captured there first title since the forming of the club in 1927.

Sliabh gCua drew the first day against Fenor on a score of 1-02 to 1-02. The replay scoreline was Sliabh gCua 1-11 to Fenor’s 1-04.


In 1937 there was no team in Sliabh gCua due to lack of numbers.


Again in 1938 there was no team in Sliabh gCua due to lack of numbers.


Sliabh gCua were back again in the junior grade in 1939 but were defeated by Lismore in the Western final played in the Cappoquin venue. Sliabh gCua objected to to the result of the game because one of the Lismore player’s wore a different coloured jersey. This was ignored by the Western officials and the result stood.

Player’s that day were Paddy Hearn, Paddy Cottors, Billy Cottors, Tom and Mick Power and Jimmy Kiely (Declan Kiely’s uncle).